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After Dusk - End Of Our Days

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Debut album from the Gothic-Rock band "After Dusk". It contains 12 original compositions, plus one cover and comes in a limited edition digipack with a 16-page booklet. True Gothic-Rock in the tradition of the well known classics such as The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim etc that also combines some modern and personal elements.
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"Per gli amanti del genere, peccato mortale non possedere questo lavoro" (For fans of the genre, it is a mortal sin to not own this work) - Mr. Moonlight on www.erbadellastrega.it

"End Of Our Days is the stunning debut album from Greece’s AFTER DUSK. One of the best Gothic Rock albums since Elusive’s Destination Zero! On my fourth listen and still growing. Definately more exciting than a lot of Goth Rock bands that have reformed or are producing diluted musical offerings compared to their former glories.The album is laden with songs which have the potential to become Gothic dancefloor hits. AFTER DUSK – 3 talented musical Fingers in a Black Leather Glove who deliver a mighty Gothic Rock punch!" - DJ De'Ath